Here's a collection of humorous Photoshop Fails for your enjoyment.

We are living in a technological world, So in that case, nothing is impossible in the virtual world to process. Think, you want to have virtual muscles or you want to be taller a little bit, Lol, It is possible now. Unlike this era, People were amazed at the technology in the 18’s and 19’s. Somehow, There were only a bunch of people who could use these technological tools properly. What if they were mistaken when they were using these tools?

Here’s a collection of humorous Photoshop fails. How often do you find yourself using Photoshop to tweak photos, only to end up making some funny mistakes? Believe it or not, this happens quite often to people who use Photoshop to edit pictures. Join Layla as she shows you 20 hilarious instances of people getting caught for editing their photos in the silliest ways imaginable.

1. Oh! Look, bi-categorised hands – It seems like she does everything with one hand, LOL!

2. She wanted to be thin without having a diet plan – Look! What Photoshop has done to her, LOL!

3, He recalls his ex-girlfriend always, He asked an editor for them to be together – Don’t say, it’s photoshopped, LOL!

4. The best marketing plan ever – Because the head and the body are bi-sized, everyone pays attention to it, LOL!

5. When someone wants to see her in a bikini, but you only have her portrait photo – It’s getting worse with flipping, LOL!

6. Even if you are a magician-but when Photoshop software is mocking you – The worst mistake ever, LOL!

7. When you never have ever removed your trousers – but suddenly it happened – Why?????, LOL!

8. When you have no time to go to the gym, but you are a master in Photoshop, LOL!

9. You have an attractive butt, no one is paying attention to you – Photoshop failed, LOL!

10. The front screen got covered your way, but you have watched Fantastic Four in millions of times, LOL!

11. When you have white skin but those who have muscles, only have brown skin, LOL! 

12. She doesn’t have a beach surrounding her home, So, she photoshopped it, LOL!

13. When you want to show to society that you are using branded clothes, but you are not, LOL!

14. He asked a girl from Santa Claus, Oh!! Look, what he got, LOL!

15. When you are telling lies, but the mirror is saying the truth, LOL!

16, It doesn’t matter if you are a master of Photoshop tools before you edit, be careful about shadows, LOL!

17. He has a photo with his ex-girlfriend, but, when his new girlfriend blames him, he edits it with her picture. The mission is over, LOL!

18. Even if she has a big butt, she wanted them bigger, Now, it seems like, she is the fattest woman in the world, LOL!

19. He is a fan of Rihana, but when, Rihana doesn’t like you the same way. Don’t say that it is photoshopped, LOL!

20. When you have enough money to buy a Lamborghini car, but you are lazy enough to buy it, LOL!