Unleash The Ghost Within You This Halloween Season

Halloween festival is the most popular festival in European culture. There are numerous legends about this festival because of the different cultural aspects used in various rituals. The eastern side of the globe does not officially celebrate Halloween but there are small celebrations in Organizations, communities and other companies. Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October every year and the name of “Halloween” represents purity and holiness. The history of Halloween goes to 2,000 years and it was first celebrated by the Samhain civilization as their traditional Celtic festival. The modern Halloween festival is primarily celebrated from the 18th century.

Halloween festival is the eve of Western Christians called “All Hallowtide”. According to the Christian tradition, there are three days for this festival of Eve. It is like a vigilant period called “Halloween Eve”. Before November 1st, all Christians celebrate the feast of All Saints’ Day and on the 2nd of November, they celebrate the feast of All Souls’ Day. These trice of days are called “All Hallowtide”. 

When we look at the 20th century, this all Hallowtide eve became merchandise. Now, the Halloween season is completely based on commercial purposes. That’s why this era is different from early age. There are some trends in the Halloween season that people usually do to raise the colourfulness and festiveness of the eve such as wearing ghost costumes, creating horror decorations and organizing Halloween parties are the most popular activities.

Unleash The Ghost Within You This Halloween Season

Which Halloween costume will make you special this Halloween?

Ghost Costume 

Ghost Costumes are the most popular variety of Halloween costumes. Some will make you hilarious and some will make you scary. Creating a ghost costume is way too easy. The only thing you need is a white cloak. If you want to be more horrific, you can use fake blood or something red. This ghost character represents a soul or a spirit which left from the human body.

Unleash The Ghost Within You This Halloween Season


Vampire Dracula Costume

Dracula is a fictional book-based character from 1857 A.D. He is most popular among children as a vampire ghost who draws blood from people. According to the European culture, They believe that If someone does any mischief to them, the vampires visit their lovers and inhabitant with them. The vampires are living in graves and sleeping inside of the coffins. There is a rumour that garlic is poisonous to them. So, People are used to maintaining their weapons like garlic pistols and crosses.

If you want to be the scariest person at the Halloween party, you can use the following materials. It consists of black trousers and dark red up-clothing and also a black long cape and fake fangs with fake blood

Unleash The Ghost Within You This Halloween Season


Pennywise Costume

There is a movie named “It”, Pennywise is the main character who has a scary face with big red hair in that movie. This costume is widely used among adults to scare children on Halloween night because he is infamous as a kid eater at night. 

You can dress like Pennywise at the Halloween party. This costume comes with a big white blown-up dress and a huge messy red hair wig. Your face must be made up of a dark white colour and two red thick lines drawn through your eyes. It will make you scarier and more horrific.

Unleash The Ghost Within You This Halloween Season