Which Christmas Decoration Is Best For This Christmas?

Christmas is the most decorative month of the year. All of the houses, streets, companies, hotels, churches and also every space are amazing in this season.   People are so busy at that time because they have to do lots of things with decorating their houses and busing decorative items are the main things in the Christmas season.

When I was a kid, I decorated my house with my family. It was such a great day I suppose. Me and my sister made a crib, placed a Christmas tree in our house, built a big snowman and ultimately we decorated the Christmas tree. It was the most amazing moment of the year. The last action, we had to do was, install the Christmas star on top of the Christmas tree. We always tossed for selecting the winner, who would install the Christmas star. Sometimes we fought to take the chance but when I grew up, I offered every chance to my sister.

Which Christmas Decoration Is Best For This Christmas?


Various Christmas decorative items

There are numerous Christmas decorations in the world. Lots of them are very popular like wreaths, ornaments, Christmas trees, tinsels and snowflake models. We all know about these decorations because we also created them when we were kids. In this article, I am mainly going to talk about a few Christmas decorations.

Which Christmas Decoration Is Best For This Christmas?


Wreath and garland

The wreath is a round-shaped and ever-green ornament that has red and gold colour ribbon strips on it. According to Christianity, it means eternal life and faith in God. In European culture, The wreath is a popular decoration.

Wreath is mainly used at two different times.

  • Advent candle holder

              Mainly in the church, there is a giant wreath with candles during the Advent season. The priest comes and lights up the candles in every Holy mass. This represents that Jesus gives us light.

  • Door hand decoration

                Lay people mainly use the wreaths as door decor made from pine green and colourful ribbon. This could be kind of big and they install a string of light bulbs.

These days, most wreaths are created by using plastic materials but they used to be made from natural things.

Which Christmas Decoration Is Best For This Christmas?


Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is the central part of the season. Without a Christmas tree, it’s like there is no Christmas vibe in the month. There are many historical stories about the Christmas tree. The famous story is that St.Boniface was going through Germany and pagan Christians were sacrificing a child to the pagan Norse God named Thor at an Oak tree. He was angered and miraculously split the oak tree into four parts. As a memorial of that adventure, ancient people used to install a Christmas tree in their houses. Another story says that the feast of Adam and Eve was celebrated on December 24th and the tree represents the forbidden tree.

However, In the Christmas season, Christmas trees can be shown everywhere. Small kids believe that Santa comes at night and places gifts for them under the Christmas tree. So, they have a real dedication to install a Christmas tree as soon as the Christmas season arrives.

Which Christmas Decoration Is Best For This Christmas?


Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments are the most popular Christmas decorations of the season. There are numerous shapes and colours in various Christmas ornaments such as colourful glass balls and shatterproof decorations. Red, green and gold glass balls are the most used Christmas decorations.

Which Christmas Decoration Is Best For This Christmas?


Tree Toppers

Installing a tree topper provides a finish to the Christmas tree. This decoration is also highly personal in various cultures, families and countries. It is the last part of creating the Christmas tree. Lots of parents and adults let their children install the tree topper.

As a tree topper, Lots of people tend to use the Star of Bethlehem. It is the most common tree topper especially, among Asians. The other varieties of tree toppers are snowflakes, snowmen, angels, comets and figures of Santa Clause.

Which Christmas Decoration Is Best For This Christmas?



Tinsels take the best part of the Christmas tree. The tinsels are used to demonstrate the starry sky over a nativity scene. It was first made by Germans in 1610 and they called this, “Lametta”. There are several varieties of tinsels like fabric tinsels, plastic fibre tinsels and silk tinsels.

Which Christmas Decoration Is Best For This Christmas?


Nativity Crib set 

Nativity Crib set is the most common depiction among Christian houses. It represents the birth of Jesus and the events around that day. Infant Jesus, Mary the Mother of Jesus and Joseph the foster father of Jesus are the main characters in this nativity set. There are other sub-characters here as shepherds, Magi known as wise men and Angels. 

The first nativity scene was found in 380 in early Christian catacombs. The popular story said that it was created by St. Valentine.

Which Christmas Decoration Is Best For This Christmas?



The Christmas season is combined with winter, so a snowman is a popular Christmas decoration among children. Snowmen were made from snow at an early age but now, many of them are made from plastic and silicon molds.

When I was a child, I was passionate about creating snowmen with my friends and family. It was amazing and we also had competitions on who would create the largest snowman in the local area. To build a snowman, first, we made a mold with tree sticks and later we filled the gaps with large snowballs. As the ultimate action, we put a red sweater around his neck. This was pretty challenging, but we made it.

Which Christmas Decoration Is Best For This Christmas?



Christmas decorations make the Christmas season colorful and festive, but the real happiness of Christmas is within us. When we spend the season with our families and friends, it is the true decoration of the Christmas season. Other material decorations are only for external beauty but the good qualities like peace, sharing and love will make the festival brighter.