Why Barbie Movie Went So Famous?

Barbie is a plastic doll, adopted by Lili Doll in Western Germany from 1955 to 1964, targeting young female children. Barbara Millicent Roberts is the expanded name of the Barbie doll; however, it is depicted as an adult woman model. Barbie doll was famous among young children, adolescents, and adults. This fictional character named “Barbie” is still popular around the globe and it is a very popular collectable item among girls.

The Barbie Doll officially appeared on the 06th of March 1959 at the International Toy Fair Festival in America as a formation of Mattel Incorporated’s Ruth Handler. She was influenced by the German Lili Doll in 1956 as well and the First Barbie Doll was sold in 1958. According to the reports of Barbie Inc., company, over 1 billion dolls have been sold in all the years.

According to my experience, my sister is also a Barbie lover, there were numerous Barbie dolls in my house at the same time and she was almost infected by Barbie Syndrome. I also had a model of Kenneth known as “Ken” who was a main male character in the Barbie franchise, however, as kids, we loved that fictional characters and girls wanted to live in a pink world in reality. Barbie is a well-known character regardless of gender, age or demographical differences. The Barbie movie is fair to be so famous in the world.

Why Barbie Movie Went So Famous?

The Reasons for Being Famous 

The Barbie movie has a lot of reasons for being famous and these reasons depend on the personal opinions of each other. I suppose Barbie is not just a fictional character, she has haunting our minds since our childhood. The creators of The Barbie movie used various strategies to attract people to watch the movie but more than that, Barbie the fictional character had a reputation among the people, cause of that, the movie hyped itself without influencing marketing strategies.

Why Barbie Movie Went So Famous?

Barbie is a popular character 

As I previously mentioned, Barbie is a world-recognized fictional character, so, no issue with spreading rumours like a new movie. There were several animated movies and cartoons about the character Barbie, it is no wonder how much people expected a live-action movie for so long. Many children and young girls have decided to use pink colour-themed items for their entire life by influencing Barbie Movie. It means that movies can affect people, lives by getting infected with Barbie syndrome. According to my acknowledge, when we first see any pink colour item in the shop, our brain pops up Barbie to our mind. That’s how Barbie movie took control of our minds as the best childhood remembrance.

Why Barbie Movie Went So Famous?

Family Movie

Barbie can be watched by families regardless of age, gender or any other limitations. So, instead of watching alone, people tend to go to the theatres with their families, relatives and friends. Also, many people are coming not just to watch the movie but also to take photographs, enjoy themselves with their friends and spend more time with their families. I think the Barbie movie made stronger the bonds of relationships as well and It is the best chance to enhance your connections with families. Especially, It was especially popular among lovers because Barbie is a better film to watch with your partner. 

Why Barbie Movie Went So Famous?

Marketing strategies

The Barbie movie was promoted with the greatest marketing strategies. It might be the best reason to hype the movie by the release of the official teaser. Mattle the CEO of barbie inc. has signed numerous agreements with various popular business brands like Airbnb, Krispy Kreme, Xbox, Burger King and Aldo. The report of the trade publication Variety shows that warners brothers cost over 150 million dollars to promote the movie and marketing. And I have noticed, there were whole pink colored themes at the cinemas, and a big doll box to take photographs and other pink-themed food, toys, stationery items around the theatres.

Why Barbie Movie Went So Famous?

Simple and comprehensible

There are many categories in the film industry as sci-fi, comedy, thriller, action, adventure and horror, among them, Barbie is an American fantasy comedy movie. There is no incomprehensible or profound plot in the Barbie movie. It is simple and understandable. Unlike the movies of Christopher Nolan, The Barbie movie is open and flowable with anyone. Don’t forget that every movie has its own tasty and own audience. However, the simple plot of the Barbie movie made everyone attracted to the movie. 

Why Barbie Movie Went So Famous?

What do people think about the movie?

So many people loved the movie of Barbie because it was a colorful, pretty and adorable movie for everyone. The characters did their best with acting and dress codes, music, and everything was perfect. The pink color theme added uniqueness and serenity to the movie.

 Some countries have banned the movie according to their local laws and regulations. Middles Eastern countries like Kuwait and Lebanon restricted the movie because of contradicting religious morality. Vietnam and The Philippines also banned the movie because showing an image of a map and a border named “Nine-Dash Line” China’s claim to the South China Sea.

As soon as the hype of Barbie movie, there were a vast of trends around the globe. One of them is using the dress code as all pink themed. Lots of people are obsessed with and I assume, unintentionally, the sales of pink clothing would be increased. Especially, small kids and the younger generation embraced this movie with their whole hearts. 

Why Barbie Movie Went So Famous?


I suppose the Barbie movie won the world. It grossed an unbelievable 1.18 billion dollars at the box office and takes 18th place among the most earned box office movies. So, I suggest you watch the movie with your family, life partner, lover or friends. It will help you to have a better relationship with your partners as I previously mentioned. According to this article, Now, you may have an idea of why the Barbie movie went so viral around the world.