Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

Having a tattoo makes a person feel strong and courageous. I can remember the day that I got my first tattoo. I thought it would be fearful and dangerous, yes, it was a little bit painful but after getting the tattoo, I felt powerful and dominant. When I see a person with a tattoo, I admire them because of their strength. 

There are numerous tattoo cultures in the world, according to different tribes, demographics, populations, countries and traditions. Many tribes are using tattoos as a sign of possession. The one who holds the tattoo belongs to a particular tribe. Some tribal cultures used to get tattoos for sacrifices and purification of their ritual aspects. The African indigenous people are the legends of having tattoos. They got tattoos to highlight the power of their tribe and tradition.

In European culture, it is way too typical of getting a tattoo. A lot of people are holding tattoos on their hands, and legs. Chest and especially, the back. There is no specific reason yet in Europe, why people have tattoos that much. It may be because they love body artistry or to highlight their body parts. There are different ways of getting a tattoo. Let’s check it out.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

Hidden Meanings of Tattoos  

As I previously mentioned, Different tattoo artistic ways exist in whole the world. Africans, Europeans, and Asians, all have their unique varieties of getting tattoos. However, Various tattoos have the meaning that the one who holds them refers to. Some of them are precisely hidden, the one only who knows the meaning is him. But some tattoos have general purposes as personal experiences pass through. Now, let’s going to dive into some famous tattoos and their hidden meaning.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

Ampersand Tattoo

Ampersand refers to the word “and” and the symbol of ampersand is “&”. There are numerous meanings for this tattoo. One indicates “Partnership”, and another goes with the meaning of “Not finished”.

A lot of people have that tattoo with someone special, they both get the same tattoo to show their relationship and partnership. Sometimes it refers to “the story is going on”, which means, any kif of life event has not ended yet.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

Semicolon Tattoo

Semicolon Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos in the world and has an important and simple meaning.

This tattoo is engraved by those who were in traumatic, mental or depressed issues, especially suicidal status, but now survived.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

Butterfly Tattoo

This butterfly tattoo is got by those who are changing and growing radically, mentally or physically. The butterfly means transformation. You can see this tattoo, especially on those who had a gender transition.  

The caterpillar turns into a butterfly; if someone has come through from something, they will get this tattoo.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

Heart Tattoo

As we all know, the heart tattoo refers to “Love”. Those who are in a relationship, definitely have this tattoo with their partner. One of the most common traditional tattoos in society.

Heart tattoo is commonly famous among first-born lovers, partners, husband and wife and also true best friends.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

Chevron tattoo

Chevron tattoo is the symbolic sign of ancient Viking warriors who conquered the world. This tattoo will be worn by someone obsessed with Vikings and old legends. 

 The meaning of this tattoo refers to “Create your own reality”.


Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

OM Tattoo

OM is the main symbol of Hinduism and refers to “Eternal joy and bliss”. Hindus refer to this as the holy sound of spirituality and the universe.

Those who are practising Hinduism will have this tattoo or maybe hope for the bliss of Hinduism.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

Dharma Chakra Tattoo

Dharma Chakra Tattoo symbolizes the central moral teachings of Lord Buddha named “Right view, Right speech, Right intention, Right livelihood, Right mindfulness, Right effort, Right action, Right concentration”.

This tattoo can be seen especially among Sri Lankans and those who practice the Buddhist philosophy.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

Angel Wings Tattoo

This tattoo refers to the protection and love of God and those who believe in guardian angels will engrave this tattoo. 

Also, the wings of angels are used by the people who were protected from unexpected accidents, they will have this tattoo to demonstrate deliverance and care from God. On the other hand, this tattoo can have a religious significance.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?


Dreamcatcher Tattoo 

Dream catcher tattoo is mainly used among those who have bad dreams, nightmares and insomnia and also the ones who have negative thoughts. Dreamcatcher is an American indigenous formation, and it widely can be seen among the Americans.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

Music Notation Tattoos

Music notation tattoos are used by people who have passionate about music and serenity. It is a minimalistic and traditional tattoo that is commonly carved by musicians.

Some people are used to getting a lyrical stanza of a song that felt his heart.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

Laurel Wreath Tattoo

In the era of the Roman Empire, they used an olive wreath to symbolize the winners. According to that meaning, those who have achieved special and passionate goals in their lives will have this tattoo to show their victory.

And also laurel crown is signified as a symbol of triumph. It means power and a higher level of life.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

Dandelion Tattoos

The tattoo of dandelions means the temporal nature of someone’s life. Dandelions teach us that no one lasts forever, and everything has an end. When you get the chance, take all of the benefits and advantages. 

Dandelions are also used to refer to the hopes and dreams that someone has already achieved. This tattoo is mostly famous among girls.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?

Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix is a Greek mythological bird that after its death, can be born again from ashes. Those who have this tattoo mean immortality and power. This tattoo is mostly used among boys who had bad times in their lives but are now in great situations.

Why You Should Get a Tattoo?


In summary, Tattoos are a great artistry to demonstrate the significance of life. Lots of people carve tattoos to highlight their body parts, but few of them have a deep meaning that is combined with their lives. However, having a tattoo is not a shame, it shows the profound courage in his life.